Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Donna didn't make it. She had her stroke on Friday morning and she passed away on Sunday.

I have been so sad all week. On Saturday a worker of Donna's told me that Donna had massive bleeding and damage to the left side of her brain. The doc was telling the family that even if she came out of it she wouldn't know anyone, she would loose all functions like talking and walking.

I went to work yesterday for the first time since Donna went to the hospital. It was so quiet with the shop next door closed. My co-workers and I were also pretty quiet. It was like the entire world had changed. I felt like I shouldn't be there. The sounds from next door have always been there, from the time I got this job. Now that shop is closed till the courts tell the family what is to be done.

Yep the world has changed a little and not for the good of it. I have lost a friend and the world has lost a very nice lady. She was so caring and loving. Her family and friends are going to miss her so much.


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