Friday, September 14, 2007

Some Days Just Suck

I was late leaving to work but that was Ok, my grandson came to visit and I see him less these days. You see school has started and his brother is in school (it is rare to see him while school is in session), so they are home more. Less roaming to grandmas house.

So two hours after I had planned to be there, arrival happened. Gee I wish I had been able to stay home today. It was not one of those days that goes well.

You see where I work the building is split and there are two business in the same building. That's ok the lady, Donna, who owns the other business in the building is a very nice lady. I enjoy taking a break and going next door to visit her. She has great tips to give in various areas, like how to stop leg cramps, how to make a strawberry jam that has no strawberries in it, yummy, she brings us goodies, recently it was zuchini bread. Oh that was so good.

Well, today was different. I got to work and just after walking in I got the bad news. Donna had a stoke this morning. She was working at her shop and my hubby was working in the place that we work. Suddenly he had a lady come in and say that Donna was down and an ambulance was there to get her. Shaun rushed next door and tried to talk with her. He tells me that she was not aware of anything around her.

So her little shop was closed until some family showed up with one of Donnas workers to clean up and set the alarm. My hubby had locked the shop after the ambulance took Donna to the hospital. We waited all day but heard nothing beyond the fact that Donna was in critical condition.

I have worked in the office next to Donna's business now for seven years. It will be hard to go to work if Donna doesn't come back. Shaun said she was really bad when he last saw her, and the family that showed up was really in sad shape. Not knowing is hard. Tomorrow we will try to find out how she is. In all the years I have known her, all I have ever knows is Donna. We talk and we laugh, she always has funny stories to tell, but I never knew her last name. That too makes me sad, before it didn't matter, she was my friend next door. Now I am sad to know that a piece is missing that I didn't realize would affect me this way.

A very nice lady in trouble today and there is little I can do or say to make things better. A very sad day.


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