Thursday, August 23, 2007


The roofing is going nicely. Most of the house is done and they are working on the last sections now. Well that is the last sections that need the shingles. Then there is the new continous ridge venting that needs to be installed. That ridge venting is pretty neat. It is a long plastic piece that has little straw like openings in it that face downwards. It helps to vent the heat that builds up in the attic.

One part of the house had no venting at all when they started and now has a lot. The hubby also added some gable venting all around that side of the house. Can you believe that there was no felting, no sealing material of any kind uses, no venting used. What a mess.

Then the added on addition of the house was done wrong, but we knew this. All the water from the main part of the house flows to the newer section of roof. The problem we some time back, was that they people who build this section for us did nothing to prevent water from flowing down a gap on either side and right into the walls of the new room. We managed a quick fix to stop that mess but this time the roofing is being done differently. There will now be solid protection for that area.

It sucks but it is not hard to believe that so many things were skipped, cut out, rigged wrong on this house. It has been many years (about 25 or 26), when the hubby had to replace water piping under the house to the well (yes we have a well). When he dug that all up he found quarter inch pipe going into half inch pipe into three quarter inch back to quarter back to half and it was a mess. We had so much trouble getting water to flow right in the house. We found out why. Where were the inspectors when this house was build. Did they not exist (I know they did), or did they just not worry about what they found? Seems that there is a lot of that sort of thing that goes on.

So soon the roof will be done then it is on to find and purchase new gutters for the house. We didn't do that yea as he wanted to know just how he wants to do those. Being up on the roof has showed him some better ways to install the gutters so that there is more protection from water damage. Then because there is some water damage from before there are some other minor repairs that have to be completed and some other round vents to install (holes have to be drilled for this type in the gable areas.

Guess what? I will soon have a vent for the back bathroom. It has never had one. We bought one and the hubby installed the roof portion, now all that is needed is the inside portion.

Heather and Shaun have worked so hard on this. You can see how tried they are at the end of the day. Tired is not really the word for it, it is more like exhausted.


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