Friday, August 10, 2007

Chips reposted

Oh not the kind that you eat, but the kind that sits on a person shoulder and allows them to believe they can say whatever they want and no one is allowed and opinion in return.

To those of you who read my blog and are sensitive please pass this one by. I am a bit put off and I am about to say so. It is in no offense to the wonderful people I run across daily on the web. It is for one person only and that one will will know who he is.

Opinions are abound on the web on many things. We all have one. Some express them in ways that seem to be aimed at doing the most harm to others. If a return opinion is given the giver is deemed to be flaming and is a bad person, by the first.

I have such a person around me on the web. He has the worst attitude of anyone I have met on the web. To point out the actual fact, I have met no one worse then this person.

In the past he has demanded what is not his to demand. He has cursed openly on groups, yes this was to me. Oh such name calling. Can I prove it, yes I still have the post that came from the group it was done in. Oh not a nice post at all.

What we have is a nasty little minded person who deems that what he gives as an opinion is tops, while others opinions are flames towards himself. If you do not agree with him, you are a bad person, and he lets you know. He yells and screams and demands that the person who disagreed with him be removed from the group.

So it seems to be OK for him to say statements about groups of people or stores or whatever, but you had better not have a mind of your own or you should be removed from his presence. Oh what a little, little mind in this little, little man. I use that "man" only because of his age. I have seen little boys who have much more manhood in one tip of one pinky on one hand.

I loved the group that I am discussing, but now I rarely visit it. The presence of this thing that calls himself a man truly makes me sick. I tried avoiding him in the message posting but today something I read made me angry. How dare he generalize about a whole group of people and then say that those who speak against what he says are flaming him. What a little mind this person has. What a big ego to think he is all that matters, and his word is beyond question.

The Internet is full of misunderstandings and a person needs to take care in the words they use otherwise you insult. It is extremely hard at times to word something so that you do not insult. Take for example the following statement:

"Yes, Wal-mart does what they please, because they hire developmentally disabled people and promote them to management."

I took objection to this statement. Why, because is sounds like a generalization of all Walmart employees and I know it to be wrong. I have one family member and several friends who work at Walmart stores. None are the developmentally disabled that this statement makes them sound. It is an insult to those who do work at Walmart and to the Walmart stores who are trying to help those who need a hand up, not a hand out.

So I have given you the reason for my blog entry, but I haven't given you my reply to it which would only be fair:

"Well, now I object to this general statement for Walmart employees. That may be happening in your area but to generalize this way about all Walmart employees is rude and uncalled for.

I know many people who work for Walmart that are not of the sort you label them to be. We probably have many who work for Walmart in our group and you have insulted them all. That is not nice.

How unkind of you. Sorry you voiced your opinion, now I am voicing mine. I would send this private to you but your mail address isn't available. Why do you always start trouble this way. Take a better look at the way you like to insult people and change that attitude. Groups should be helping to people not used to sling insults."

So now I am told that my post is horrid and I choose to misinterpret what was being said. Be that as it may be it is how I interpreted the meaning to be and having re-read my post, I do not consider it horrid to ask someone to not insult others and consider that maybe some of the groups members might be employees for Walmart and they could have their feelings hurt.

So here I post because I am disturbed by this person. For a while now I have tried to figure out why this person acts this way and can find a couple of reasons. Have you ever watched certain programs that are geared towards the affront of others. They are out there. There is a certain cartoon one that I find extremely offensive. This person has an entire group that began with almost a worship of this type of program.

They do say that some things we view will affect our attitudes and this shows me that all these years when I restricted my children from viewing programs that I found offensive, I was doing the right thing. Too bad someone didn't restrict this person. He might have turned out to be a nicer person then he now is.

So I know that folks from that group will visit my blog. I know that I chance being removed from that group. I would be saddened the day it would happen but I would live and life would continue. So if it would be, then it will be.

Chips, it is the other thing that seems to be wrong with this person. A huge chip on his shoulder that no one has been able to knock off. He is a member of a certain class of folks and I do think it affects his overall judgement for the ones of us who are of a different walk of life. Too sad. In this area, I can but feel true pity for him. Believe it or not we in the other walks of life really are not out to "get" him. We really could give a D... what he does. He is a little man, with a little mind who is not very nice as a person.

I think I have had my last posting to the group for a while. Maybe I should just leave it, but it brings such joy from some very special people, and I would surely miss them.

PS: Those members of the group who could possibly be Walmart employees are valuable. If you are reading this, know that I consider them to be of much greater value then you are.



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