Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I have a Panasonic camcorder. It is not a really top of the line but it is not a bad little recorder either. I bought this just a month or so before last Christmas. So I only had one little battery and wanted to have some back ups. I searched and searched trying to find the right ones and I did, on sale no less. I got them last January from an online store called Suntekstore. Oh bad mistake.

I have used these batteries only a couple of times. One now won't charge, one last about 15 minutes out of the two hours it is suppose to last. The third one hasn't hardly been used at all so I am not sure how well it is going to hold up.

So I went to the company website today to see what kind of guarantees they might have. Many places have a one year on their battery sales. Bummer, this site says a problem must be reported in the first 35 days to have any kind of replacement. So now I am out of luck on these. Hopefully the last one will do a good job if not I am out the entire amount of money on these.

I ran out of battery time this weekend for the wedding because I didn't know I was going to have these problems and had left the one battery at home. Gee, I had the original, and two backups, so I figured that six hours of taping time would be more then enough. Especially when the wedding started at 5:30pm and every thing was completely over and bride gone by 9pm. You'd think I had enough to work with, NOT. I was disappointed in these batteries.

So I went online today looking for more batteries. My son says check eBay. He says he bought his from there and got a one year replacement for the ones he bought. Well, I thought, it is worth checking. So I found a seller that has extended batteries, eight hours, for about the same price I paid for the two hour lousy ones. They have a one year replacement, and they combined shipping as I got two batteries and a car charger. Neat, a car charger is what I have been wanting and it was only $14. What's the good in having a camcorder if you have no batteries to work it. Duh, it becomes worthless, just a thing to set around collecting dust.

So now I wait to see if these will work. In the meantime, I will just have to take care on time if I have to use that camcorder.

For your viewing:

My son-in-law, Travis, my daughter, Athea, and their baby Mason, my grandson.

Travis and Athea



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