Tuesday, August 7, 2007

In the previous post you can see a little of one of the ponds the hubby has been working on building. These first pictures are of the first pond he built right next to the house. I even managed to get a picture of one of the very ellusive gold fish in it. These gold fish are ones recused from a pond that is soon not to be, there will be houses instead. They plan to just cover the old pond with dirt and that is the end of any fish left there. This is the second batch we have given a home too. Later you will hear what happened to the first batch.

Our front yard has very little grass. It just won't grow. We have these tress who's root systems just took over. So it is either get rid of the tress, yea right, never going to happen, bring in some soil to bring up the level for grass to grow, or do something else. The hubby decided on the something else.
So our front yard is beginning to look like a forest area. The pond is above the ground in containers. There are water plants, different kinds of rocks, redwood tree stumps, and even some little gold fish. How long the gold fish will last is anyones guess. We have a resident raccoon that comes out at night and he has already feasted on one set of gold fish that was in the first pond. That pond doesn't have a lot of hidy holes so it is now covered at night. It is impossible to cover this next one it is just too big.

All around the pond you can see a ground cover. These are bean bags, you know the kind the beans come in to your local coffee shops. The hubby has a source and picks them up all the time. These will help prevent any of the old grass from trying to come back, and serve as a base for the ground cover he is going to haul in.
He says that once he is done there will be walking paths and more coverage in other areas for plants. He has already set up a raised bed partially around one tree and planted wild plants and some he has bought. The ferns he is choosing are quite lovely.

It sure is peaceful sitting listening to the flow of water in the ponds. If you close your eyes you can actually imagine being near a creek in the wild.



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