Friday, August 10, 2007

Again that chip

I had thought to not move one post over from one of my other blogs. It is the huge gripe I had about a member of a group I was on. I left that group because the manager allowed this person to rejoin after having been banned for some really nasty attitude and postings.

Upon being allow to rejoin he never again did the YELL in super large letters things that most people don't even utter, but that did not keep him from being the same nasty mouthed person he was right from the beginning. So I finally left my longest standing group.

I then found I could still keep up with the group members that I enjoyed by just reading some of their posts now and again. Whoops that has brought me to this point. That certain member with the huge chip has a new nickname and I did not know this. Now I do as I read a posting, well two, and there is no doubt in my mind that it is him.

You see he is complaining that someone joined his group under a false name and that this is hiding. He thinks this member of his group is also on this group that I was reading at. He was griping that members should not join his group except under names he knows as this is hiding.

Hum, hiding. This man changes his email name and address on a regular basis. He only posts his first initial in messages. He says he won't post his full first name as there are prying eyes to see him. So I ask you, is this not HIDING? The man frustrates me but this one had me laughing so hard. Can you believe he is complaining about someone hiding on his group while he hides on another group. That is just royal. It is the icing on the cake. In that one posting he shows the type of person he is and I got a huge kick out of that.

The man also says that the person who joined his group used an ID that was not recognizable, but in the same posting he admits to using several different ID's himself. Hum, sounds like what is good for the man is not good enough for others.

Anyways, now that I know he has a new ID, I can go to the group and possibly avoid having to deal with messages from him that annoy me. Then again, he does change those ID's often. Do you think he might be "Hiding"? ROFLOL Oh what a world, what a world. (yes I feel a little witchy today, LOL).

Does he read my blog? Oh I so hope he does. You see, I never went along with his nastiness to others, always being one to tell him that what he was doing was not nice. That post with the really large letters with the really nasty messages, well that one was for me. I chose to disagree and he chose to flame. Oh for those of you who might want to know, his first name isn't M, it's Matt. ROFLOL Oh almost forgot, he will answer to Justin, or Matthew also (I have that in an email, oh yes I saved them all, be prepared is always a good motto should it come to a necessary accounting at a time in the future)


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