Sunday, August 19, 2007


We have been busy with roofing, well the hubby has. He and Heather, our extra kid, one of them we have many, were up there last week removing the many layers of shingles that some sections had.

They found a problem. In the first place the person who did this roof never used any type of sealer, no felt/tar paper, and the nails use were much to short. Then there wasn't any sort of ventilation. So all the boards on that side were rotted. They all had to be replaced.

So all the boards came up and new ones went down. The last ones to be replaced was to be a couple of end panels and then the laying of the felting and starting the shingles today.

Oh yea, it rained last night and today. Oh boy did it rain. We never get rain, or at the very least a bit of a drizzle here and there in the month of Aug, but it rained heavy.

Water leaked through the light fixtures in all four bedrooms, and both bathrooms, plus numerous other places in those rooms. The front room had already been painted not long ago and it has the worst damage. The entire ceiling on one side of the room is water damaged. Oh nuts, this sucks. The room will have to be painted all over again and to top it off there was no getting on the roof to do anything but lay plastic to protect against the more rain that they say we might get. Bummer.


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