Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Broken Grandson

On Tuesday I got an unexpected present. A broken grandson.

The six year old, Austin, had just arrived with his mom and sister. I was moving some things in the bedroom and folding clothes so my sister went outside to watch the kids till I was done.

Suddenly my sister comes in the room and says I have to call Ian. Well, Ian should be at home getting ready for work. When I asked why she said Heather was heading to the hospital with Austin because he broke his arm. I said "WHAT". I didn't hear a thing and it happened not to far from the bedroom window. Granted the air was on, so was the TV for background noise, but you would think I would have heard something with the screaming they said was going on.

Yep, he broke that arm. Mom was headed to the roof and he wanted to say something to her before she got to that point. So he ran. He ran right around the lounge chair that has been sitting there all week long, but he tried to cut the corner. Didn't work. He tripped over the leg of the chair and went down.

Now you have to understand, this is nothing new for Austin. Since he could walk he has run. Since he could run he has fallen, over and over again. This time he landed on a hose, but that is not what broke his arm. The land on the hose caused him to have an extra bit of forward motion that shoved his hand into the ground a bit harder. Normally this kid lands full arm on the ground, not putting out hand to break fall. Well, that hand shoved into the wrist which shoved the arm bone and broke both, yep both, bones in his right arm.

He gets back from the hospital and he is so matter of fact about it. He tells Aunt Crystal, I slipped and broke my arm. ROFLOL Crystal looks at me and says that was matter of fact in the way he said it. Well, that is just Austin.

Can you believe it. They gave him pain meds at the hospital, but since then, remember this was Tuesday, he has had a couple of doses of Tylenol. Yep that's all. He seems to be doing fine but that arm sling they gave him is for the trash as soon as we can figure out how to make one better for him. That sucker doesn't have any back ties and he needs those to keep his arm at a certain angle.

If this would have been me I would be showing the signs of suffering. He isn't. You'd think he was just playing at being a broken grandson. LOL


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