Tuesday, October 30, 2007

One of Those Days

Ever have one of those days where you just do not feel like doing anything? One of those days that makes you want to not talk with people? One of those days that starts out not feeling right and just gets worse?

Well, I am having one of those today. I don't feel like reading messages from groups, so I just went into email and deleted most of them unread. The idea is if I read them is that I feel the need to help and pass along info, and I just don't want to do that right now. I just don't want to read that someone needs help, someone needs a want, or the many other things that are happening across the groups.

So as I said I deleted most of them, did go to one group where I promised to keep a better eye out as the owner has things happening right now, and answered a question, but other then that I have been updating one of my blogs with a few minor posts that really amount to nothing of interest at all.

I also checked for members wanting to join groups and those on groups with moderated message status still in force, that is a given as to being a moderator, but for other things can I say, bah humbug. ROFLOL

I kind of think it has to do with this headache I have. I developed it last night and there is this feeling in my head like a sort of empty place but not empty. I cannot explain it other then that. There is very little of the actual headache left but there is the feeling that it wouldn't take much for it to come back. I have to do the work things soon, but till then I am not doing much of anything at all.

We had a storm suddenly come through last night. It had some huge lightening strikes happening in the mountains and around the town. When it got close to our house the sprinkles were were having turned into this massive downpour. It was coming down so hard it ran right over the gutter Shields like the gutters didn't exist. This thing blew in and out so fast. We did have lots of strikes around and wow the light and sound from it was amazing.

Today we still have clouds but as of a while ago there was no water from the sky, but it sure smells nice outside.

Back to the groups thing. I am again considering leaving some. I have added some additional groups at other places beyond yahoo and a few other new ones at yahoo, and now again something has to "give". I have to go look at the list of the ones I am on and figure out the ones that are taking most of my time. Those will probably be the ones I leave, those plus a couple that seem to have died. Well, maybe on those last ones. Since there is not much coming from them there is little reason to worry about leaving them. It is the bigger more noisy ones that I must consider in my choice of what to keep and what to give up.

I have to weigh what the groups are giving me, as to what I really need, as to why I stay with this or that one. If I am always giving and never getting then why stay. I think there should be something in both directions. I have noted several loom knitting, a crochet, and a couple of knitting groups that will most likely be on my get rid of list. No I won't say which, that is just not fair to the groups themselves. Just leave and leave it at that.

Sometimes you have to adjust to make life more bearable to yourself regardless of what you would prefer. I need to go no mail on several so that I can have a lessening of the emails and then see what it is I am actually missing. If I don't miss it, then I don't need it, and I can let it go. Yep that is my next step. No mail for a while.


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