Monday, November 12, 2007

Just Saw A Name

Did you ever have one of those days that was going along fine, and you were feeling pretty good about things then you saw something, or heard something or something happened to set you off.

In my case it is a Name. Oh that Name really sets me off and brings on anger like I don't usually have much of in my declining years.

What's in a name you might ask. Well, sometimes there is a lot in that name to bring on those feelings you just don't like.

In my case this is something that happened years ago. I did an online order, but because I didn't have paypal I sent a check to the Name for the order. It was something to be made and sent along at a later date. It was for something hand made, and pre orders were taken so that the Name would know exactly how many to make.

So I placed the order, and I ordered more then one set (these little picot gauges for tatting). I sent the check and then I waited. I knew it was to be months before these pieces would be done and sent. So I waited.

Then the time came when some orders started being shipped and still I waited. And I waited. The Name was getting ready to move, and said some orders got packed away so they would be mailed after the move was completed. So again the wait.

Months went by and it was said by the Name that everything was in storage till a house was completed. Then the Name moved in and orders started to go out again, and still I waited. Then I started to email asking where my order for two handmade picot sets were. No answer. I emailed again and again. Still no answer.

I am still, to this day years later, waiting for my order or an answer to my emails. Now that is not to say that I expect the Name to email me or to send my order, but how can you ever stop the waiting. What is, is. I was cheated.

You know you read the stories about people who have been cheated through internet purchases. You hear about how some ebay users are really scammers. You hear other things like this from personal sales online, but you never expect it from someone who is a big name in a certain craft and had done right by you in the previous orders you made through them, but I am here to tell you that it does happen.

My one and only getting cheated in a purchase from someone on line happened with the Name. I have bought from ebay, I have bought from individuals, I have bought from online stores, but this is to date my only buy I was cheated on and it still has the power to make me so angry I would like to... Well, I just would like to.

You see the name in groups and you know that person is doing well, and you wish it otherwise. It is a bad thing to say but someday maybe someone will cheat the Name and I would not be sorry for her one little bit. What's in a name, well sometimes total dislike is in a name.

Georgia a name I shall have reason to always dislike. The name of a person who has ever been a person to scam someone who really looked up to her and admired the work she does. A thing of the past can still haunt you years into the future.

You know I just checked and I still have all the emails about this order. All the emails asking for an answer to where my order was, and no return messages. A simple I mailed them but they must have gotten lost would have been better then to ignore the person emailing you. Such a bad way to do business. There was lots more things this person offered at good prices that I would have wished to purchase. I would now spend twice as much to get the items as to deal with a this person.

Not only was a theft done, but the worst part was the theft of my trust.


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