Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My Day of.....

Just feeling like doing nothing turned in to a day of rush rush. There was one caller after another to deal with, an online payment gone wrong, the site glitched they say, so back to the beginning to start over again. Oh so much fun on a day that I didn't want any fun at all.

Now my hubby did me in. A phone call says yarn for $0.55 a skein. Yea, some was that price but some was $0.75. The cheaper is rug yarn, the other is a yarn I haven't seen before. After looking through and picking out the colors I wanted and a $40 check later now I am home not feeling any better then when I left this morning.

I think I will go knit here soon. I have figured out a bit of the don't want to do. I think it has to do with the tragedy of having to deal with greed. There this thing that makes me so sad and at the same time angry when people think it is ok to do wrong because it will line their pockets. You want to think the world is a good place but some things always come along to show you that there are many who are not so good. It is ok as long as the benefit is to thine self. I do wonder what these same people say when the shoe is on the other foot. Do they yell and holler about the injustice of it all? Oh mores the pity.

I have a headache.


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