Tuesday, June 10, 2008

War Room and American Flag Pin

Wow, I heard the bit from Obamas mouth about wearing of the American Flag pin and I have also seen that every time there is a salute to the flag he turns away. Now this article says he has started wearing the American Flag pin.
Article on Obama's internet War Room"
What's up with this? Humm, a war room against the people of the internet (which I think is you and me).

I wonder why it took being "criticised by Republicans" to get a potential leader of this country to wear the pin that so many others often wear? I wonder if he would suddenly face the flag and salute it with that same type of being "criticised by Republicans" or not?

From what I read Obama is afraid of people saying he is Muslim and do not relate that he states that he is a christian with the belief based in black liberation theology
The peculiar theology of black liberation, by Spengler

As I listened to Wright on Hannity, I hear him mention Cone. I thought this sounded so like something I had heard before. It brings back memories of living near and being around the area of Richmond California. Oh those scary days of people who wanted to take "whitey out". Yes I can say that because I heard that with my own ears. It is not a thing picked up from others, but from my own experience.

Is this what Black Liberation Theology is about? Humm, more research is required, though I like not what I now read. Lots to wonder about, to think about, to research. You know I missed Rush today, well all except the end of his program. I was way busy with my grands. I do so love hearing what he has to say about the most recent doings.

Oh wait I did hear this much about our reps in DC. Did you hear about their cafeterias and how they have been going in the whole (money wise), for years and years. Now they think to go privately run. Makes you think doesn't it. If they cannot run a simple thing like their food places, what makes them think they can run an entire country, including yours and my social security, medical that they want in their hands, and still leave us with a buck or two in our pockets. Oh wait they want that also. Sorry what was I thinking.

There was one last thing on the Rush show. There was some guy who called in saying that giving tax breaks to the rich do not benefit the poor. What accounting class or economics class did that idiot take? He says there should be a sharing of the wealth. Take from the rich give to the poor kind of thing. ROFLOL

Let me see is I can explain this. Take Mr B. He has a business. He has $100,000 per year to pay out to himself and employees. He takes $40,000 for himself and pays three employees $20,000 each. That's the entire $100,000 (for them who cannot add).

Ok the reps in DC come along and say well Mr B you are making more so you have to share. We are going to take $10,000 of what you make to distribute else-wheres. Ok now what does Mr B do. He is use to living on $40,000 and he is not going to live on less. So he gives himself a $10,000 raise. Now remember there is only $100,000 to pay everyone. So something has to give. Number 3 employee is put to half time, yep that amounts to that $10,000 raise Mr B just got.

Ok the gov comes back and says well now you have more so we will take $10,000 more to share someplace else. Now employee number 3 has been laid off. Wow, that was great. Mr B is still getting the money and employee 3 has no job. That went well didn't it.

Ok lets look at this a bit differently. The powers that be come along to say we are going to give you a tax break. You can keep an extra $10,000 per year. Mr B is a smart business man so now he knows he has an extra $10,000 to hire a half time employee. Why would he do this? Well, lets say that each employee is making enough money for the company to not only pay for their wages but also to pay for goods purchase by the business, and to have a bit extra to build the business. Now we have more to work with, we can do more jobs, we need more help. Thus we hire.

I see this all the time. When we have the extra at work, we buy more goods. The more goods we buy the better the businesses we purchase from are going to be doing. The more goods we can purchase the more jobs we can do, the more jobs we get the more people we need working. The less jobs coming in, then someone gets cut to part-time. Seen this recently. No joke. Take more money in taxes to "share the wealth" the more hours cut from personal.

Sorry folks just a fact of life. The rich do trickle the money down-wards, no matter what those liberals tell you. No I am not rich, and I wouldn't mind seeing more money come my way, but not at the cost of a job for me or my hubby. That just doesn't make sense at all.

Tax, tax, tax, that is all they, liberals, can talk about. Give me, give me, give me. Then you read about all those earmarks the house and senate people give to each other. All that money that they use for dumb stupid projects that don't even make sense when you think of all the good things that could be done. Then there is all that money they are giving to all those other countries and for what. Please do tell me for what? That is our money and they give it away like it was nothing. Well, maybe they should be working for free and giving the monies they would have gotten to those other people they think needs it.


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