Friday, June 6, 2008

Just a little talk. Think about it.

Let's just talk a little. I keep hearing so much about a certain subject that I wanted to address it just a little.

Ok you are you and you have a little family. It's a nice little family. You are content to live life within whatever means you have giving to others as you can.

Now not all of us but some of us develop those who do not care for us. I had a neighbor that way. Mean nasty spirited man. So glad he moved away.

Let's say you have an enemy. You know that given the chance that enemy would do harm to that little family of yours. You know this because over and over he has told you, had messages passed to you, printed things in the paper telling you that he will kill you and yours. Yep, he will take that happy little family of yours and put them in the ground.

So what do you do. Do you go to him and say, let's talk. We will meet where you want any way you want, with no conditions at all put on you for the safety of you or yours. Ok, here you go. You know this person is willing to do whatever he can to make harm to you. Now if it was my little family I wouldn't go to meet this person. After all the talk of killing me and mine I would want some kind of conditions set so that things don't get out of hand. Wouldn't you?

So why the heck would anyone want to vote for that Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. He wants to meet with my enemy and give them the upper hand. How do I know this isn't going to come back to haunt and hurt those I love and care for? Ask me if I want this to even come close to happening and I will tell you no. I have listened to the ranting, and raving from a bunch of people who sound totally insane to me. I hear them say they want to take over and control the world and kill, yes kill all Infidels. It saddens and also angers me that one of the people who is suppose to be sworn to protect me and mine is threatening to cause harm to those he swore to protect.


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