Thursday, June 5, 2008

Rush Limbaugh

Well, do you listen to him? I do. My husband has listened off and on for years, but I didn't. I was a bah-humbug type of person. It was no thanks I will listen to my music, you can have Rush and no I do not want to hear about it.

Then something happened, something bad and music became my bane. You turn the radio on and you hear, I am missing you, I wish you'd come back, What would you be now, and all that other stuff and the tears would flow. There was/is no coming back from the loss I had.

So I had to find something else. It is impossible to drive down the road when your eyes are full of tears. Just saying this little bit has tears in my eyes again.

So I searched and searched through the FM radio channels, but there was nothing to help me replace what I was use to. You find that song that doesn't bring on the tears, and the next has you not being able to see again.

I finally switched to AM radio. There is not much on the AM. The first station I found that was a reasonable signal was a strictly liberal station. Oh the dribble that was on that one soon had me spitting angry. What nonsense that can come out of peoples mouths and who said they had brains. If the ones I was listening to ever had brains they had lost them somewhere along the way to the radio station.

So back to the searching. Then it happened. Here was the Rush Limbaugh show. Oh no, not him. I reached for the button to move on and he said something that made sense. Stop and finish that thought. Then reach for the button again. Oh no, there is another sensible statement. So I stayed a little while longer. Hey, this guy is not bad at all. He it not the demon that I have heard so many people talk about. He actually has brains, and a desire to pass alone those thoughts that others are telling me not to think.

This discovery of Rush was back in 2006. I found Rush in the morning on one radio station. It doesn't come in very well, but in the afternoon the show is broadcast on another channel that does come in really well. So both stations are pre-programmed in so I do not have to search for them and I have long since learned the hours I need to find the program.

So now I listen to Rush almost everyday. It is funny how a person can be so tainted in thought by the "drive by media" to the point that you do not give a chance to something. Oh but I have learned. I like that term "drive by media". It has become a standard in my speech. It use to be "liberal media" but the liberal isn't really needed when you just use "drive by media", it is just a given.

One day I was listening to something on the news when I hear about how Harry Reid is condemning Rush Limbaugh for talking bad about our soldiers. I was thinking what the heck, I have been listening to Rush for a little now and I have never heard him say one thing bad about soldiers. Then I hear that "phony solider" coming from the radio. Rush called soldiers who did not agree with the war in Iraqi "phony soldiers". What is going on? Who is telling such lies? Harry Reid is and on the floor of the Senate and asking for Rush to be punished.

I was instantly upset, angry, and wishing I had a vote to use against this guy Harry Reid. You see the day Rush was talking about the "phony solider", I was listening. I am not anywhere near deaf and I knew just exactly what Rush was talking about and who that day. So why would someone in such a high position as Harry, spill such garbage out of his mouth. Who ever lied to him isn't the point. The point is that he really should have checked his information before acting like a fool and doing what he did. My goodness, even after he found out the truth, I have never heard an apology. There really should have been one done, and on the Senate floor where he made that other speech. Alas, that will never happen.

One think I have said for years and years and years, I can trust my politicians, I can trust them to do me wrong each and every chance they get. I can trust them about as far as I can pick up the house I live in and throw it. Wow, guess how far that is.

Yea, so what if anyone of the governments (us) elected official reads this. They should know from polls that most people don't trust them. Now if you want the real truth, tune into Rush and listen for awhile. Maybe you won't like what you hear but you won't be hearing lies. If the truth burns then don't stand near the fire.


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