Tuesday, June 3, 2008

McCain or Obama

So I keep getting these messages in my yahoo inbox that say MaCain or Obama?  Which will you vote for is what they are asking.  


Of course McCain.  I am a conservative and Obama is way to liberal for me.  He, Obama, has made statements that make me cringe.  What do you mean that I need to not be able to warm my house or cool it?  What do you mean I should have to eat not as good as what I currently do?  What the heck both me and the hubby work, we make money so we can heat and cool our house and buy the foods we now eat.  No don't try to tell me he didn't say these things, I listened with my own ears, yes I can still hear.  I am not that old yet.  ROFLOL

So in the November election, join me in voting for John McCain for president.  Oh sure he is not the perfect choice but Obama for me is the worst of the worst choice.  Have you listened to his wife?  Oh my what a racist person she is.  Have you listened to his preacher?  Oh my what a nasty racist person that is.

Oh I know, Obama spent 20+ years in this church and never ever heard the bad statements.  Yea, right and the moon has a wonderful vacation resort that I am visiting tomorrow.  


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