Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My Day of.....

Just feeling like doing nothing turned in to a day of rush rush. There was one caller after another to deal with, an online payment gone wrong, the site glitched they say, so back to the beginning to start over again. Oh so much fun on a day that I didn't want any fun at all.

Now my hubby did me in. A phone call says yarn for $0.55 a skein. Yea, some was that price but some was $0.75. The cheaper is rug yarn, the other is a yarn I haven't seen before. After looking through and picking out the colors I wanted and a $40 check later now I am home not feeling any better then when I left this morning.

I think I will go knit here soon. I have figured out a bit of the don't want to do. I think it has to do with the tragedy of having to deal with greed. There this thing that makes me so sad and at the same time angry when people think it is ok to do wrong because it will line their pockets. You want to think the world is a good place but some things always come along to show you that there are many who are not so good. It is ok as long as the benefit is to thine self. I do wonder what these same people say when the shoe is on the other foot. Do they yell and holler about the injustice of it all? Oh mores the pity.

I have a headache.


I decided that there was no better time then right now to take that step to no mail. So I went to the yahoo groups home page and did a looking at all my groups as to which had what setup.

It is now complete. Some I left as is but many went no mail. My inbox should be a lot more quiet now, well as soon as yahoo catches up with the changes. You know that sometimes that can take days. In the meantime, I will just do as today and delete out the messages. I have to be sure to empty the trash bin also.

One of Those Days

Ever have one of those days where you just do not feel like doing anything? One of those days that makes you want to not talk with people? One of those days that starts out not feeling right and just gets worse?

Well, I am having one of those today. I don't feel like reading messages from groups, so I just went into email and deleted most of them unread. The idea is if I read them is that I feel the need to help and pass along info, and I just don't want to do that right now. I just don't want to read that someone needs help, someone needs a want, or the many other things that are happening across the groups.

So as I said I deleted most of them, did go to one group where I promised to keep a better eye out as the owner has things happening right now, and answered a question, but other then that I have been updating one of my blogs with a few minor posts that really amount to nothing of interest at all.

I also checked for members wanting to join groups and those on groups with moderated message status still in force, that is a given as to being a moderator, but for other things can I say, bah humbug. ROFLOL

I kind of think it has to do with this headache I have. I developed it last night and there is this feeling in my head like a sort of empty place but not empty. I cannot explain it other then that. There is very little of the actual headache left but there is the feeling that it wouldn't take much for it to come back. I have to do the work things soon, but till then I am not doing much of anything at all.

We had a storm suddenly come through last night. It had some huge lightening strikes happening in the mountains and around the town. When it got close to our house the sprinkles were were having turned into this massive downpour. It was coming down so hard it ran right over the gutter Shields like the gutters didn't exist. This thing blew in and out so fast. We did have lots of strikes around and wow the light and sound from it was amazing.

Today we still have clouds but as of a while ago there was no water from the sky, but it sure smells nice outside.

Back to the groups thing. I am again considering leaving some. I have added some additional groups at other places beyond yahoo and a few other new ones at yahoo, and now again something has to "give". I have to go look at the list of the ones I am on and figure out the ones that are taking most of my time. Those will probably be the ones I leave, those plus a couple that seem to have died. Well, maybe on those last ones. Since there is not much coming from them there is little reason to worry about leaving them. It is the bigger more noisy ones that I must consider in my choice of what to keep and what to give up.

I have to weigh what the groups are giving me, as to what I really need, as to why I stay with this or that one. If I am always giving and never getting then why stay. I think there should be something in both directions. I have noted several loom knitting, a crochet, and a couple of knitting groups that will most likely be on my get rid of list. No I won't say which, that is just not fair to the groups themselves. Just leave and leave it at that.

Sometimes you have to adjust to make life more bearable to yourself regardless of what you would prefer. I need to go no mail on several so that I can have a lessening of the emails and then see what it is I am actually missing. If I don't miss it, then I don't need it, and I can let it go. Yep that is my next step. No mail for a while.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Truck Drivers and Your Local Town

Yesterday I went to get my lunch and take to the shop with me. I ordered and was waiting for it to get done and while waiting a man was ordering.

This man asked the order taker how to get back on the main interstate going south. That poor girl looked totally lost. She told him she didn't know as she didn't drive. I think that way too many people do not know their towns well enough to give directions. I have seen this before, but I don't have a problem. I had better not. The hubby use to work for a company that had trucks come every day for delivery and since he was the off load man he had calls coming day and night to the house. I got to answer those calls and give directions.

Anyway the girl tells the man she doesn't know. So he turns to me and just looks and I go on auto in my instructions. It was what I was use to. I also use to be on CB (citizen band radio) and gave many drivers directions to places in the local area. I cannot believe how badly dispatchers are at giving their delivery people the right directions, even in this day of internet maps.

Then once the man had the right directions and knew where to turn, quite easy actually, one left turn from the road he was on, a one way, one block over to the one way in the other direction, a left turn onto that one way, keep to the right lanes and run straight into the entrance to the interstate going south. Easy ones this time.

So the man suddenly asks me if he has a chance of getting a ticket parked where he was. He points out the window of the Carl's Jr we are in. I glance outside to see a big rig parked alone the side of the street. OH boy, I look back at him and tell him it is possible. I continue to tell him that we do not have a truck friendly community. That there is even a sign on the interstate before the exit he used that says trucks use next exit.

Now I have been hearing this for years and years, no trucks parking here, no trucks allowed along this stretch, trucks use other exit. This is totally stupid. We live in an area where trucks bring our goods. All of our goods. There is very little in this area that isn't delivered from another area for our consumption. So telling truck drivers "you are wanted" is a very bad thing indeed.

When I tell the man that we do not have a "truck driver friendly community" but maybe since he is parked short time to get a meal it will be ok. He says with his luck it won't be. He proceeds to tell me that we are not the only town. He says that more and more towns are telling truck drivers they cannot park here or there or go here or there. He says it is happening all over.

So what's the deal with this? Are our local officials stupid or what? If your community depends on staying alive through the deliveries of truck drivers, then why treat them like they are invaders? It is just the dumbest thing they could do. Much more of this and some towns could find themselves boycotted. Then what will those officials do when the people living in those towns have to go some place else just to get the things they need. There could be a lot of upset towns folk and that could be the beginning of the end of many of them, officials and towns.

Making your area not friendly to those who provide for you is never a good idea, but then I have never accused the people in charge of really being all that smart, just greedy and very often quite stupid. The smart ones just go along with the greed so they can line their pockets more. If they say it is so, the first thing I think is what are they after now and how much is it going to cost us.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Rush and the blogs

I have been browsing looking for things that have to do with crafting. All of a sudden I run across all of these blogs that are normally all about different crafts and they are talking about the last slamming going on for Rush.

Hum, I read and what do I see. Well, it is you can go here to see what he said, you can go there to see what he said, or over here or over there, but I don't see on one of them anyone saying "I listened to the program and heard what he said.

So there is lots of spouting about what everyone else is spouting and nary a word about what was actually heard by those doing the spouting. ROFLOL Did you listen to the program or are you just another running over mouth saying what everyone else is saying?

So I am not going to repeat the what was said, by this or that person. I have can say, I listened, I heard, and I remember. So I don't have to do the he said, she said and I am a dope cause I didn't hear it for myself.

I am kind of sick of the just because this news program said it or that one said it (and remember this is all words written, I have not heard any "replay" of the actual program un-moderated by anyone), then everyone jumps on the bandwagon as it being "the whole truth and nothing but the truth".

I hear that kind of stuff a lot lately. Come on folks are you always going to be lead blindly around or are you some day going to stand up and say "well, lets try to find out the truth for ourselves". I think a lot of people have nose rings and they let them be pulled by many.

A fine example of being lead around is by emails. You get an email that tells you something and you instantly send it out to everyone in your address book. The someone mails you back saying that it is a myth, an untruth, a lie, but the next time you get one do you check it out, no you instantly email it to everyone in your address book.

Come on folks to find the other side and weigh the right and wrong is not all that hard to do. It just takes a few minutes extra of your time and you don't look like a fool in the long run.

So who is right and who is wrong, can you find out? Or do you just blindly rely on the "I saw it in the news"?

ROFLOL, such a state of affairs people have come to. Me, I don't believe it because it is print, I don't believe it because someone said that someone said that it was so. People say what they want you to hear and if you cannot dig for the whole truth then all"s the pity for you.

Think about it people. How many times have we heard that so and so did or said this or that and it turns out that someone only published or broadcast the parts they want you to believe? That when the "whole" story comes out there is a big difference in what was before? Lots. Bunches. All the time. Stop being someones puppet and live life in the real world.

It might fit what I would like to believe, but if I don't find out both parts of the story, I am no better then the person who only spouts the parts they like.

When I have children around I do not take one childs version of the events that took place. I must have both versions and then find that kernal of truth somewhere between. Why should we as adults be any less subject to finding out both sides. Are we children or are we adults?