Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Redistribution of Wealth Straight from the Guy

Obama speaking as a Illinois state senator.

Glen Beck: Frightening Obama

What more can be said, but that if you plan to keep what is now yours, what will become yours all yours, then VOTE McCain/Palin or soon you will find your hard work redistributed to others who did nothing for themselves.

You will be allowing the "government" to do to you just what everyone has been saying, allow you to work so others can benefit.

I don't want to give my all away.

Monday, October 27, 2008

How it was or could be

No links to anything in this one. Just a little musings on my part.

Once upon a time a government started and things happened. The government had people checking out and reporting on other people. Sometimes those people were arrested and afterwards never seen again. Sometimes they were outright shot.

Now we have a person of interest having others look for people and the things they might say and investigate them for what ever they might find, then they try to ruin those people.

Same thing a bit different in methods. You can destroy people in many different ways.

Once upon a time that same government decided that what belonged to the people really didn't belong to the people or that they could better control those things of the people (for their own good you know). So they confiscated what they wanted, where they wanted, and when they wanted. Wealth belonged to the government, not the people.

Now we have another government looking into taking peoples retirement accounts, yea just yanking them and placing them where that said government can "control" them, ah, for the good of the people. The sweetener is that they will take you back a few months and give you a bit of money you lost in the market due to the mistakes they first made. The bad thing is that 100% inheritable fund will become only a portion inheritable by your heirs. They get to keep the rest.

Same thing different method of taking the wealth. First it is one thing they take, then it is another thing they take.

You had a government that said everything was owned by them and therefore controlled by them. They owned all properties and people were allowed to maintain the living by their benevolent government (the same benevolent government that killed millions in death camps) and even allowed to continue working those business that had been theirs but were now "state" owned. So nice of them.

Now you have the second government forcing business, banks, into their government property owned (you must sign on and sell us ??), even when they do not want or need it, and giving away the money of the people who work to pay taxes to that government (remember the government doesn't have any money of their own, it is the people putting up the money to pay the bills, the representing party is only suppose to pay the bills with the money they receive, they are not doing so good).

Same thing different method of getting to the same place as the first government.

Germany long ago took what belonged to others and said it was theirs. America is now in the process of taking or looking at taking what belongs to others and saying it is theirs.

So where does it end. Today they talk of taking peoples 401K's for the "good" of the people. What good? The good that says you can no longer call this your own. You can no longer have the right to say what you want done with your money? With the price tag at least half of your goods belonging to the government when before all of it was yours? Whats the good in all of that.

So what is next. Are they going to decide that every department store needs a buyout, oh sorry bail out, even when they do not really need it. So our constitution says the government shall not own certain things, but they are fast grabbing as much as they can as fast as they can. They are building themselves a tidy little empire don't you think.

How about your simple savings account, or those CD's you invest in? Are they soon to be government owned? Oh sorry managed by the government for your own good.

Oh you have a house that you have either paid for or are one of the people who has paid your mortgage payments every month. This is all yours, right. Well, how about that, so far there is no one telling you that you have to sell your rights or is that give a portion of your rights to that property, to the government. After all you have more then someone else so you should have to "share" it. Oh wait we now own a portion of your home and you have extra bedrooms so we are going to assign these "x,y,b,c" people to live with you. After all you should share the wealth. Give you money for them being there, well you work and they don't so you should share the wealth there also.

You say you have a nice car and you only drive it to work during the day. Well, then you should be sharing that car with others who are not so lucky. They could use your car at night to run their, ah business, and then return it in the morning for your use. After all you need to do your patriotic duty and share with those who do not have as much as you. Oh they don't work, that's ok, they can use it to play at night.

I do not think I would have liked living in that first country when things started going wrong there, and I am darn sure I am not happy about this one following in the footsteps of the one that we fought to bring down so many years ago. That one wanted to take over and rule the world, seems they might just have found a different method of doing so. How better then to corrupt the largest nation in the world.

When you start to force people to "share", when the government starts to take (ah help, by force or otherwise) people/business into a plan that they say they do not need then you are one step along the road to saying this last sharing was not enough, the government does not own enough to help all those others, and next thing you know the government is giving you the privilege of continuing to work to support all they want to do, without the benefit of being able to continue helping (supporting) yourself and those who depend on you.

BEWARE folks. Watch some of the old things, not just old made for the movies, but the documentaries, and see what happened long ago. You will see that we are at the beginning steps for it to happen again.

We have been seeing one example after another, and the most recent is a failure of a party and its running person to put forth the right documents to prove legal rights to run for the position in question. A simple here it is would be the thing to do. An ignoring of that request for months on end is simply unacceptable. We have the right to know. The other party did so fast. So what's the deal here? If I am asked by my employer to show my birth record or some other documents to prove I am who I am and I have the rights I claim, I would not have the job if I refused to do so. So a future employer asked for that same proof and he is being called into question by others who say he is a quack. He is not a quack but a employer asking for the proper documentation to prove right to the job. If that cannot be done then the job needs to go to someone else.

Let me say this much more. Long ago I watched many documentaries about what happened to start World War II. I also watched those about the camps in that same country. I also required my children as they got older to watch some of them and discuss them with me. I felt they needed to be aware of the things that happened then so they could watch for those things happening here. They see it, can you? How long till everyone else sees it too? So long it will be too late? Who will come to rescue us? I think that will not happen, I think there is no one strong enough to make it so or who has the will or want to keep this country what is has been.

Such a sad state of affairs watching the beginnings of the downfall of this great country. Regardless of what others think, the few cannot support the many to the point they want supporting when the many choose to do nothing for themselves but sit around and say you owe me. At some point you break the few and then the many have nothing at all they can get. No one left to hand them the handouts they so desire. It is that one more straw that broke the camels back.

Don't' believe anything I have written, then do some research. It is all out there for you to find. Well, for now it is. Have you ever watched the old news things of the burning of the books? What doesn't fit the "states" idea of good reading is destroyed in a pile of blazing flames.

The market always rights itself. So why are our officials making it not so? There are reasons you know.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The October Surprise

Obama Citizenship

Intersting viewing. This man Berg has better listing of "what have you done's" then that NObama person has. Watch the video.

The certificate of live birth verses a real legal Birth Certificate

Yea, yea, I know all you really knowledgable people who think there has been proof given. See the differences in the two types of papers.

Vote McCain/Palin

Some talk about Obamas future taxes

What's it going to cost

It is certain that you can only squeeze so much out of the few of us who have chosen not to sit on our rumps waiting for that next handout to come. Oh according to the article above even if they reach deep to the lower income people to pull some of those dollars into the expenditures that Obama plans, there still won't be enough money to cover everything.

Can we talk about pulling so much from all the tax payers that they have nothing left to support their families? Hum, doesn't that mean that all those people will have to think about quiting jobs to get government handouts and where will all that extra money come from.

It is interesting that the more you take from people the faster you pull them down till they are in the same place as those they stand for as needing the most help.

How about that talk of how to give a tax stimulas to those who do pay taxes?


The so called "government" (we all know that "we the people" are really the government, not those people in Congress who think they are), have messed up the Social Security program rather badly.

Now guess what, they want your 401K. They think they can better handle it then you can. What? They messed up the one, now they want to mess up the other also.

Just another way to totally control your investment in retirements now and in the future.

Read about it:
The Loft

Stop them now before it is too late. Contact your senators and reps and tell them to keep their hands off.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

2004 - Hearing to Investigate Fannie Mae Illegal Bookkeeping

Rep. Richard Baker, R-Louisiana says Report troubling and important to the tax payers who would pay for the cleanup. Calls for regulation.

Rep. Maxine Waters, D-California complains about hearings. Says that nothing is broke. Says there is no crisis at Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae. Says Frank Raine's is outstanding in leadership.

Under that outstanding leadership of Frank Raines everything in the 1992 Act has worked fine. GSE exceeding housing goals and they should only be focusing on the regulator so not to impede the affordable housing mission. This mission has flourished with desk-top underwriting to 100% loans.

Rep. Greogory Meeks, D-New York says pissed off at the people who caused this investigation to be happening. Says this is just an excuse to cause an opening for people who want to do away with GSEs. Also that this is an attempt to change the direction of the GSEs even though they have done a tremendous job. Says there is nothing wrong with Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, but there is a question of the compliance of the people raising questions about them. Continues to say that regulating Fannie and Freddie is like giving heart surgery to someone that doesn't need it. Says he is very upset about this investigation.

Another section shows Meeks asking why he should have confidence in the regulator, to which Armando Falcon returns that Freddie Mac applied accounting rules improperly and also managed earnings improperly, not his regulatory section. That this investigation isn't about his section doing wrong but about the wrongs of Freddie and Fannie.

Rep. Ed Royce, R-California says that they need to move quickly to set up a new regulatory structure for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and home loan banks. Says Congress needs to set up that new regulatory structure to have at least the same powers of other financial regulators.

Rep. Lacy Clay, D-Missouri says the hearing is only about the political lynching of Frank Raines.

A rush to judgement as the markets are not worried about the safety and soundness of Fannie Mae.

Rep. Christophe Shays, R-Connecticut says that even though there were regulatory acts Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac didn't come under any of them. In fact, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac played by their own rules.

He says "I am tempted to ask how many people in this room are on the payroll of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac." Continues by saying that Fannie and Freddie hired lobbyists, some to lobby and others to not lobby, so that no one else could hire them.

Later says that Fannie Mae has manipulated OFHEO (Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight) and that with OFHEO coming out with such a strong report about Fannie tells him this is the lower (minimum), not the higher (maximum)

Asks Raines about the 3% set aside in portfolio when a bank that gets below 4% is in deep trouble. Wants to know why. Raines says well banks don't just have single and multiple family loans.

Rep. Arthur Davis, D-Alabama says that specific, but broad judgements about the management of these organizations and that the regulators crossed an invisible line by trying to regulate when they had no right to do so.

Rep. Barney Frank, D-Massachusetts, Financial Service Committee Ranking Member says that the people doing the report seem to indicate a safety and soundness problem but that he doesn't see anything in that report that shows a safety and soundness problem.

Sees nothing to show safety and soundness and it is bad judgement to raise this as it doesn't seem to be an issue.

Rep. Don Manzullo, R-Illinois
Raines 1.1 million bonus on a $526,000 salary
Gorlick 779,000 bonus on a $567,000 salary
Fannie Mae knew the rules but in 1998 when shares were 3.26 per share did the maximum payout when there should have no payouts for bonuses. They ignored the principles of payouts.

Frank Raines, Fannie Mae Chairman & CEO says these loans are so risk-less that the capital for holding them should be under 2%

President Clinton says the responsibility of the democrats rests in them resisting any efforts of the republicans and himself in tightening up regulations and controls over Fannie and Freddie.

Democrates covering up problems in Fannie and Freddie

I watched this video again early this morning. I know that a lot of people, who just do not believe that the democrats are to blame for the failure of the housing market pulling down the rest of the markets, will not watch the video. They just do not want to believe. So avoiding the listening and you avoid having to know the truth.

I know it must be President Bush or the republicans fault because they did not do enough to stop it, but remember that the house has been democratically controlled. You folks wanted "change" a few years ago and you got it. Now that same change has lead to falling markets, failed banks, people going broke, losing homes, and has cost the tax payers of this US billions or more of our hard earned dollars.

Now you want to elect a person who says he must raise taxes to implement things like the insurance programs that will most likely benefit the same people who were benefited by those sub-prime housing loans. Those same people who failed to make their payments and we are now at the point of bailing out.

I know you say that the increases in taxes for the various programs will benefit everyone, but that has been said over and over throughout the years, and it has been something I have never seen come back to my family and friends except in the form of having to pay more. Yep, increased taxes with no extra benefits to those around me. We go back to that socialist society where we get to work and earn the funds, our officials take it away from us, and give it away to someone else. Isn't that nice.

You know we have been fleeced and the end of this has not been decided yet. We are in line for a bunch more of this fleecing to occur.

Vote out those democrats in your upcoming election. Put back into place those who tried to stop the impending disaster that has now befalling us. Take back the protections that would come from those you listened to in that video or read on here. It is not to late to stop the further fleecing of our paychecks.

So you say that everyone has a right to affordable housing. Well, do I not have the right to say that once you have taken from me and then taken again, and again, and again, that I have a right to keep more of what I earned to make my life not drop down to that level of now I am the one that is need of help.

I do not run out and purchase houses I cannot afford, I do not have credit cards that I run up to the max so that I cannot afford to pay the bills, I do not ask other taxpayers for handouts from them. If you earned it why should you be required to share it with others. I earn little enough and should not have my taxes raised to give to programs that will never benefit me.

VOTE Republican, VOTE McCain-Palin and any other republicans you know running. Take back this country for us, the people who pay for it in the first place.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Check it out

What's up with this?

Wouldn't it be more on the legal side to give the necessary proof, not just an assumption that what they have is the whole truth. It seems to be a bit on the hiding side to go this route.

There is a big piece of the picture here saying you shouldn't question and we will stop you from doing so.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Define it

Capitalism-vs-socialism-vs-communism a summary

So lots of talk lately has us in the US headed toward socialism, but if you really read that may not be the way of it. Taking into account the above sites definitions, then are we headed toward communism or socialism or is one the start to another? For we are now a few steps into the mixture of a socialist country. How many more steps till we reach the other side. Capitalism is laying at deaths door.

Something to think about.

Vote John McCain/Sara Palin