Saturday, October 25, 2008

Some talk about Obamas future taxes

What's it going to cost

It is certain that you can only squeeze so much out of the few of us who have chosen not to sit on our rumps waiting for that next handout to come. Oh according to the article above even if they reach deep to the lower income people to pull some of those dollars into the expenditures that Obama plans, there still won't be enough money to cover everything.

Can we talk about pulling so much from all the tax payers that they have nothing left to support their families? Hum, doesn't that mean that all those people will have to think about quiting jobs to get government handouts and where will all that extra money come from.

It is interesting that the more you take from people the faster you pull them down till they are in the same place as those they stand for as needing the most help.

How about that talk of how to give a tax stimulas to those who do pay taxes?


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