Sunday, July 22, 2007


It's a rare thing when we actually go to the movies. We usually wait for what we want to see to come out on DVD and we buy it. If we buy it then we can watch it over when we so choose. This past month though we have been to the movies twice. Wow, and there is a third coming that I would like to go see, or at least I think so.

When it first came out we went to see the new Die Hard movie with Bruce Willis. That man does such an awesome job on his movies. I have two copies of the first three movies. I had the regular copy and then they came out with the extended version in a set and I just had to buy them when my son pointed them out on a trip to Costco. Worth every bit of the money I spent for them.

Now we have seen the new Transformers movie. Oh so action packed. When my kids were little the Transformers cartoon was such a bit hit around here. The kids would run home from the bus stop just to get here in time to watch those cartoons. Well, naturally mom had to sit and watch them with the kids. You know I just had to make sure I was moderating what they were watching. Then there were a few times when I moderated those transformer cartoons when the kids were not home. They were a bit addicting.

I still don't mind sitting and watching an occasional rerun of them. Some day I am going to get the entire set of transformer cartoons on DVD for the kids now getting big enough to enjoy them when they come to grandmas house. It's funny but my grands are into the older cartoons rather then many of the newer ones. I give them a bit of a choice and lately that choice has been He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. I tend to pick up cartoons, when I can, that have less of that nasty stuff that the current cartoons have. Boy some of those I would never have let my children watch and some I refuse to let my grands watch in this house.


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