Saturday, July 21, 2007


I am so excited. My hubby gave me two roses today. Not just any roses, but Mr. Lincoln roses. This is the best thing, you see these roses came from a plant in the yard.

There is a story behind the roses. I love roses. So my hubby has planted me many rose bushes. I have large roses, climbing roses, miniature roses, some with great smells, some with just a wonderful color. I love them all, the long stemmed, the ones that grow in bunches and all the others.

Many years ago he planted me a Mr. Lincoln because it is a very beautiful red and the smell, oh the smell is so wonderful. My Mr. Lincoln died. So he planted me another in a different place. He suspected that the soil in the first area was not right for Mr. Lincoln. This Mr. Lincoln died.

We waited many years and he got me another Mr. Lincoln and decided to pot it. He got special soil and took extra special care of it. Mr. Lincoln died.

We gave up on me ever having a Mr. Lincoln survive. Then last year he tried again. He again planted Mr. Lincoln in a pot, but Mr. Lincoln wasn't doing so well. We figured he was going to die again. I hate that we seem to put Mr. Lincoln through this time and time again.

He finally moved the pot to a different place and put it closer to his bonsai. Mr. Lincoln must have been lonely for the call of something that is growing as a bonsai because suddenly he is doing better and is blooming. Oh his roses are the best. Keep your fingers crossed for me that this time my Mr. Lincoln can live a nice long life in his pot out by the bonsai plants.

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