Saturday, July 21, 2007

Graduation, Wedding, BBQ, and crafting

My time has been so limited with things going on that I have rarely touched a loom, crochet hook, or knitting needle. I have so many things in the works, like the looms I am building for braiding, the ripple pattern I am writing, and bunches of other things, but not enough time to do them all.

Now a little time has freed itself up. My son who has been attending his last two classes at the local community college is done. Yes done. Yesterday he graduated, with honors, and now he will start to make plans for the near future. The long term is to go to a university somewhere, but for now I think he wants a break.

The thing about his schooling is that we have one car. I need that car. So it has been drive him to school, pick him up from school. This doesn't sound so hard, but with only two classes that leaves me running quickly from here to there back to here to there, and back to here to there again. Lots of time spent driving means lots of time not doing other things. Yea, this is done.

One more week to go and the wedding day will be here, well less then a week now as the wedding is next week. My daughter will then be a new wife and that wedding with all the plans and stuff for it will be over. One more thing down and out of the way. Boy, things can get pretty busy with stuff like this happening in life.

Yesterday, I managed to get most of the morning to myself to work on the ripple file. I have decided to split the two patterns, the top down and bottom up ones, into to files. The reason being is that the first file is getting large and I don't want it to be too big for people to download.

Today was to be a day of working on those files only. Yea right. Did you know that today is fathers day? I didn't. Been too busy to notice that is coming up. So the girls decided to have a BBQ here at my house for dad. Oh yea, more work for me. Now I need to do a quick bit of shopping for the things I will need. I am out of briquet's, I have a couple of chickens I just bought but need one more, I have the chairs to move from the front yard to the back, take the children's table (which I just moved to the front room for the kids dinner last night), back to the back yard, plus all their little chairs. Oh yea, all this to do so where is my file time now?

One big mistake I made in my life was letting my kids talk me into a cell phone. They can get a hold of me so much easier. I had ways to avoid the house phone, no mailbox, no answering machine, don't remember to check caller id for missed calls, but that stupid cell phone tells me all the time about the people I missed. It's hard to say, well sorry I didn't know you tried to call. ROFLOL Once you have one of those keep me in the loop every second of the day not let me have a peaceful moment run my entire life cell phones, you are kind of stuck. Well, sometimes they do come in handy, like that being at the store and getting that emergency call that says oh I forgot we are out of milk or bread or whatever. No more extra trips to the corner store because the hubby cannot live without something.

Well off to get things done then maybe, just maybe I can slip in a few minutes to myself. I am so close to having that first file done. It has been such a lot of work trying to figure out what everyone might need to do this piece.

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